Debris collection for FEMA eligible roads on Hilton Head Island

Debris collection  for FEMA eligible roads on Hilton Head Island

The first pass of right of way disaster debris collection has now been completed for all FEMA eligible roads on Hilton Head Island. Subsequent passes have already been made on several roads where warranted by high demand. To date, the Town has collected over 2,000,000 cubic yards of disaster debris from FEMA eligible road rights of way. The final pass for right of way collection will begin...

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Disagreement Over Scope of Damage NOT a Valid Objection to Appraisal Demand in Pennsylvania

    By Robert Trautmann We frequently field requests from public adjusters and clients concerning appraisal and scope of damages. The situation arises when appraisal is demanded by the insured and the carrier objects, arguing that appraisal is only for issues of price and cannot be invoked unless there is an agreed upon scope of damage. This notion was soundly rejected last month by a...

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Blood-sucking FEMA scam! (Look for this. . .)

Yesterday I shared a personal email with you from a Relief Worker at the Moore, Oklahoma tornado tragedy. As I said, whenever people are victims of disasters like this, there are always going to be wolves circling the sheep, ready to take advantage of the chaos. Looters… greedy businesses… and Steve! You see, Steve lives much like you and I do: He leaves his house about 7:30, and...

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Where you need to go to apply for grant money: Ocean County 750 Vassar Ave Lakewood Township Atlantic County 500 Scarborough Drive Egg Harbor Township  Cape May County 3860 Bayshore Road Suite 5 Lower Township For Monmouth county and north go to or call...

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Insurance Companies Getting Stingy With Payouts?

Ericson Insurance Advisors President Spencer Houldin and Merlin Law Group’s Chip Merlin on the challenges for consumers in getting payouts from...

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